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Birth records come in several different forms. You can get birth certificates or you can verify birth information online. If you are an employer and you just want to verify an employee's birth information, you can do this by conducing a background check or by ordering a birth record online.

When you are looking for actual birth certificates, there are several options to choose from.certified birth certificate example

There are certified birth certificate copies, which normally can only be ordered by the person for whom it belongs (or a parent/guardian).

Certified birth certificates are normally used to confirm a person's identity. Certified copies are sometimes required by employers, schools and other organizations that need to verify a person is who he or she says. They are also used to get passports and other forms of identification.

Another form of a birth certificate is an informational birth certificate. These are certified, but they normally include a statement on the actual certificate that states that it cannot be used to establish identity. These are normally less expensive and are many times accepted by employers and other organizations in lieu of a certified copy.

Most states also offer birth certificates for stillborn births.

Some states also offer additional types of ceremonial and special birth certificates for other occasions.

All states charge a fee for birth certificates. These fees range anywhere from a few dollars and up. The fees will normally depend on what type of certificate you are needing.